Outstanding Community Contributor – Cambodia 2020

Awarded to:

Habitat for Humanity Cambodia

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Habitat for Humanity Cambodia (HFHC) is a property developer whose unique goals made them stood out among the rest. Instead of developing glamorous projects for the high-end in Cambodia, HFHC took a more holistic approach to developments, building high- quality yet affordable housing for low-income and vulnerable households.

Helping families since 2003, HFHC has been developing shelters for the less fortunate in hopes of building strength. stability, and self-reliance in these family’s lives. Known for contributing to humanitarian acts and services, HFHC is well perceived by the public for their dedication and compassion to make a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to call home.

An advocate of Go’s love and teachings, HFHC believe that just and fair housing is a fundamental human right. Therefore, working in partnership with donors, sponsors, churches, volunteers, and local authorities to provide shelter solutions to families of Cambodia. The work that HFHC does made a massive impact on numerous lives, ensuring families a house they could call home.


Habitat for Humanity Cambodia

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Habitat for Humanity Cambodia

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