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Dato' Seri Robert Tan Chung Meng

The visionary leader behind one of Malaysia’s property development bigshot, IGB Berhad, is none other than Dato’ Seri Robert Tan Chung Meng. The man responsible for the building of the country’s largest retail hotspot, Mid Valley City in Kuala Lumpur, Dato’ Seri Robert is highly regarded for his creative drive and innovative vision. 

Dato’ Seri Robert is the Group’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). When it comes to sheer drive, focus, and grit, no one is as competent as the CEO. Dato’ Seri Robert is a man who believes that to build a legacy, one must be able to push beyond the boundaries of your capacity in not only effort but also creativity.

The rise of IGB and its stamp as one of the top players in the region is largely credited to Dato’ Seri Robert for his activeness in the design and development of numerous projects. From inception to the realisation of the Mid Valley Megamall and the Gardens Mall, he was actively involved in every stage of their developments. Due to his tenacity and proactiveness, both malls are able to retain their positions as prime shopping hotspots in the Klang Valley.

A prominent member of the industry, Dato’ Seri Robert plans to continue creating and managing space that will thrive and grow from now to the future.


Dato' Seri Robert Tan Chung Meng

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Dato' Seri Robert Tan Chung Meng

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