Best Developer Award 2023/2024

With the distinction of being named Malaysia’s Best Developer, LBS Bina Group Berhad is at the top of the property sector in that country. This achievement demonstrates LBS Bina’s steadfast dedication to excellence, creativity, and community-focused growth.

Since its inception, LBS Bina Group Berhad has consistently delivered high-quality developments that set industry standards. The company’s diverse portfolio includes residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects, all characterized by meticulous planning and superior construction. Landmark projects such as KITA @ Cybersouth, Alam Perdana, Midhills at Genting, and the Skylake Residence highlight LBS Bina’s dedication to excellence. Innovation is at the core of LBS Bina’s approach. The company integrates advanced technology and sustainable practices into its developments, enhancing aesthetic appeal and functionality while ensuring long-term sustainability.

A key element of LBS Bina’s success is its focus on creating living environments prioritising comfort, convenience, and community. Recognizing that a home is more than just a structure, the company ensures its developments feature ample green spaces, comprehensive amenities, and strategic locations to meet the diverse needs of residents. LBS Bina’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the initial sale, with exceptional after-sales service providing ongoing support and maintenance, thereby fostering long-term relationships and trust.

LBS Bina’s strategic vision includes a proactive approach to market trends and a strong commitment to sustainability. The company’s leadership anticipates market changes, enabling it to deliver projects that meet evolving consumer needs. Sustainability is a cornerstone of LBS Bina’s philosophy. The company uses eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient designs, and sustainable construction practices, reducing environmental impact and enhancing residents’ quality of life.

LBS Bina Group Berhad’s recognition as Malaysia’s Best Developer reflects its visionary leadership, innovative developments, and steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. By continuously pushing the boundaries of excellence and sustainability, LBS Bina enriches lives and is truly a gem for Malaysia’s real estate industry.

Best Developer Award 2023/2024

Malton Berhad (Malton or Group) has earned a stellar reputation as Malaysia’s Best Developer, a testament to its unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship, innovation, and value creation. Its flagship 50-acre Bukit Jalil City integrated township, anchored by the award-winning Pavilion Bukit Jalil Mall, has brought about a revitalisation of Bukit Jalil, fostering economic growth, employment opportunities, and enhanced infrastructure. Malton has transformed Malaysia’s urban landscape with its vast upscale residential and commercial properties, including the new Duta Park Residences and River Park, solidifying its position as the epitome of style and contemporary living.

At the heart of value creation, Malton focuses on sustainable master planning and customers’ evolving needs, underpinned by strategic locations and a well-planned environment for sustainable living. The Group aspires to enrich lives by building quality homes and integrated developments for communities to live, work and play in a safe connected environment. In line with its tagline “Shaping Lifestyle Aspirations”, Malton has empowered homeowners to enjoy the desired lifestyle and capital appreciation beyond owning a home.

Following the successful GreenRE certifications for Menara BAC and River Park, Malton increasingly incorporates green building features into its much-awaited developments, notably Park Green in Bukit Jalil and Mutiara Lake in Puchong. The Group aims to offer a seamless urban living experience by blending tranquillity, vibrancy, amenities, accessibility, connectivity, and convenience with its sleek architectural designs.

Going beyond the art of living to giving, the Group creates sustainable value for all stakeholders through integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance factors into its operations while building homes and enriching lives. Malton not only shapes Malaysia’s skyline but also improves lives and communities of Malaysians holistically, setting a benchmark for excellence in the real estate industry.

Best Developer Award 2023/2024

Glomac Berhad is the powerhouse of the property development realm. Within the ever-changing world of property development, Glomac shines as a beacon of innovation, exceptional craftsmanship, and transformative impact which redefined Malaysia’s real estate sector, leaving an indelible mark on the architectural landscape of the nation’s urban centers. 

Glomac Berhad has been one of the pioneers in Malaysia’s property development landscape since its inception in 1988. The company was founded by the visionary entrepreneurs Tan Sri Dato’ Mohamed Mansor and Datuk Richard Fong. Currently, Datuk Seri Fateh Iskandar has been instrumental in the growth and success of Glomac Berhad. With over 55 subsidiaries, Glomac Berhad has achieved close to RM9 billion in total sales value, solidifying its position as a key player in the industry.

Glomac’s resounding success can be attributed to its steadfast dedication to enhancing the well-being of its valued customers. From the very beginning, the company has been driven by a vision to deliver top-notch products and exceptional sales service, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the overall quality of life for all stakeholders. Today, Glomac continues to translate this vision into reality, striving for excellence and setting new standards in the industry.

Glomac’s acclaimed projects like the Kelana Business Centre and affordable townships have garnered prestigious awards.  One of their remarkable developments is Saujana Perdana, a distinguished township situated in Sungai Buloh.

Glomac’s core businesses encompass property investment, property management, construction, and car park management, reflecting its diverse portfolio and multifaceted approach to development.  The company’s exceptional track record speaks volumes, as it has consistently delivered exceptional service, top-notch products, and great value for money to its satisfied customers.

Committed to excellence, innovation, and passion, Glomac is dedicated to enhancing living and working environments. Glomac strives to establish itself as a premier property developer, setting the bar for excellence and pushing the boundaries of innovation in the industry. 

Glomac Berhad’s evolution epitomizes the powerful impact of vision, innovation, and dedication to excellence in property development. Transitioning from its modest beginnings to a leading conglomerate, Glomac has set higher standards for quality and innovation, shaping Malaysia’s property landscape. By leaving behind a significant legacy of influence and inspiration, Glomac is poised to continue shaping the industry for future generations.  

Best Developer Award 2023/2024

In the ever-evolving world of property development, IGB Berhad has carved a niche for itself as Malaysia’s premier developer. This esteemed recognition is a testament to IGB Berhad’s unwavering commitment to innovation and superior quality. Over the years, the company has not only built structures but also transformed urban landscapes, setting new industry benchmarks along the way.

One of IGB Berhad’s most remarkable achievements is the iconic Mid Valley City. This pioneering mixed-use development harmoniously blends retail, commercial, and residential spaces, creating a vibrant urban hub. The Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens Mall, key components of this development, attract millions of visitors each year, making it a cornerstone of Kuala Lumpur’s contemporary structure. 

Expanding its footprint beyond the capital, IGB Berhad’s Southkey Megamall in Johor Bahru stands as a testament to the company’s strategic growth and development process. This sprawling development, with its dynamic blend of retail, dining, and leisure options, has quickly become a top destination in the southern region. Southkey Megamall exemplifies IGB Berhad’s ability to deliver large-scale, high-quality projects that resonate with local communities and drive regional growth.

This customer-centric approach has earned IGB Berhad the trust and loyalty of buyers and investors, reinforcing its reputation as the best developer in Malaysia. As IGB Berhad continues to innovate and expand, it remains a pivotal force in shaping Malaysia’s urban landscape, consistently setting the bar for excellence in property development.

Innovative Developer Award 2023/2024

JL99 Group has demonstrated an exceptional level of efficiency in prioritising the successful execution of the company’s project by following the current market trend. Long board meetings are superseded by a faster decision-making process made practicable by the JL99 Group’s effective organisation. Given how rapidly market trends evolve, this agility is essential for responding quickly to market demands and adapting flexibly to the changing needs of prospects.

With its consistent effort to commend its commitments to accommodate consumers’ needs, it is only plausible for the group to be recognised by many. Significant acclaim has been awarded to JL99 Group, most notably the coveted ‘Property Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019’ award, which affirms extraordinary contributions to the property sector. The prestigious Best Developer Award at the ASEAN Property Developer Awards 2020 was successfully won, underscoring a creative strategy and dedication to producing exceptional projects and reinforcing a commitment to quality.

The persistence of innovation of JL99 Group is due to Datuk Seri Jeff Lee Boon Kiat. The esteemed Executive Chairman, takes a hands-on approach to leadership, actively participating in all facets of the company’s operations. Monthly project site visits, which are required of all pertinent departments, guarantee thorough participation. When faced with obstacles, problems are quickly resolved by having in-depth conversations with departments and contractors and by giving priority to taking prompt action to come up with feasible alternatives.

It is more than just building houses that satisfy customers when development projects implement proactive market trend analysis to improve the quality of life for occupants. Particular features at 99 Legend, such as the Touchless Lift system and Contactless Delivery Locker Room, prioritise resident safety in the middle of the Covid-19 outbreak, guaranteeing a more convenient and safe living environment. Additionally, by providing clean water and reducing pollution, the central water filter encourages citizens to lead healthy lifestyles.

Developers embracing the ethos of People Developers prioritise the enduring needs of their clientele, acknowledging homes as enduring investments in life. Through meticulous planning of layouts, amenities, and designs, they not only meet customer demands but also manifest a profound dedication to elevating the essence of life for all.

Innovative Developer Award 2023/2024

Juta Asia Corporation Sdn. Bhd. is revolutionizing Malaysia’s real estate environment via innovation, and its flagship project, Ren Residence, demonstrates its forward-thinking plan of action. Ren Residence points out Juta Asia Corporation’s commitment to superior design, modern amenities, and unparalleled comfort, solidifying its position as a prominent innovative developer.

Set within a serene tropical enclave, Ren Residence combines luxurious living with a modern facade that exudes timeless elegance. Positioned atop Bukit Jalil, the 52-story twin towers, designed by GDP Architects, form the Chinese character “人,” symbolizing people. This unique design ensures that all 1,260 units receive abundant sunlight, fresh air circulation, and breathtaking views of the Bukit Jalil skyline, creating a peaceful retreat for residents.

Juta Asia Corporation’s commitment to luxury and excellence is evident at Ren Residence. The development features two grand entrances leading to a 5-star concierge and a stunning lobby designed by the award-winning Index Design of Singapore. Its strategic location provides easy access to top educational institutions and amenities, ensuring residents enjoy quality education and leisure opportunities.

In the world of property development, the group has established itself in the market as one of the innovative developers that the community can count on. Their vision for the future encompasses creating homes and communities that adapt to the evolving needs and aspirations of modern society. Ren Residence stands as a beacon of its pioneering spirit, cementing Juta Asia Corporation’s status as a leader in innovative development.

Innovative Developer Award 2023/2024

Pinnacle Homes Sdn. Bhd. emerges as a radiant star in the highly competitive Malaysian real estate arena, epitomizing innovation and a dedicated commitment to delivering exceptional quality. 

Since its establishment in 2011, the only vision was to become a premier boutique property developer in Malaysia. With a highly experienced management team and a strong determination to excellence, Pinnacle has quickly gained recognition and made its mark in the industry.

Pinnacle’s philosophy is built on two key principles: integrity towards customers and a relentless dedication to excellence in all aspects of their work. This focus on integrity guarantees that every project Pinnacle takes on is more than just building – it’s about creating lasting value for customers.

Pinnacle Homes don’t simply construct structures; they are dedicated to enriching lives and nurturing sustainable communities. By prioritizing quality and innovation, Pinnacle aims to enhance its customers’ living standards while fostering sustainable lifestyles within communities.

Pinnacle Homes’ portfolio truly showcases their dedication to excellence. From Pinnacle Kelana Jaya, Pinnacle Petaling Jaya, Pinnacle Bangsar, to Pinnacle Sri Petaling, each project reflects their commitment to creating unique living spaces that harmoniously blend functionality and aesthetics. At present, Pinnacle SJ takes the spotlight as the primary ongoing project, demonstrating Pinnacle Homes’ tireless dedication to achieving perfection and introducing groundbreaking designs in the Malaysian real estate market.

As Pinnacle Homes continue to leave its mark on the property landscape in Malaysia, it stays true to its mission of enhancing lifestyles and investment portfolios. With every new project, Pinnacle establishes fresh benchmarks of excellence and innovation, ensuring that every customer’s experience with them is nothing short of exceptional.Pinnacle Homes Sdn. Bhd. is all about pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and setting new standards in property development. Pinnacle Homes don’t just offer properties – they provide exceptional experiences by creating extraordinary living experiences, transforming communities for generations to come, and guiding towards a higher quality of life.

Innovative Developer Award 2023/2024

Paramount Coworking Sdn. Bhd is one of the pioneers of the flexible workspace solutions business in Malaysia and has established itself as one of the top three industry leaders.

Co-labs Coworking is a brand for coworking – also known as flexible workspaces. It started as an extension of a multi-million-ringgit property development business. As a subsidiary of Bursa Malaysia Securities-listed Paramount Corporation Berhad that has property development as a core business, Paramount Coworking has access to experts in the design and building of spaces, including working spaces.

Paramount Deputy Group CEO and Director of Co-labs Coworking Benjamin Teo said, “The idea of setting up coworking spaces came about when I stumbled upon a coworking space in Australia back in 2015. The idea intrigued me and what drew me in was the sense of community. Individuals from diverse backgrounds engaged in conversations, and ideas are constantly generated.  I was excited at the potential of coworking as a business in Malaysia and brought the concept here.”

Co-labs Coworking started as a prototype at Paramount’s development, Utropolis Glenmarie in Shah Alam. Over and beyond hardware (design, lighting, and amenities), there is the warm team of community managers who plan activities around professional connection, growth, and wellness among members that is uniquely Co-labs Coworking.

Co-labs Coworking has expanded to seven spaces at strategic locations in the Klang Valley as of mid-2024, with an impressive 167,000 sq ft., serving entrepreneurs, SMEs, and corporates.

“Co-labs Coworking offers options for different work and workspace needs. Freelancers may just need a hot desk or a fixed desk. Bigger teams may opt for rooms that are flexible enough to allow them to scale up or down. When a business needs space for more than 30 people, our team will sit down with the prospect to discuss their requirements and design the space accordingly. 

“We have our monthly community events that our members look forward to. These events are aimed at professional networking as well as health and wellness. It helps improve employee wellness which helps employee retention for our tenants,” said Teo.   

Paramount Coworking also offers, through its other business arm – Scalable Malaysia – a service for real estate/ location sourcing, creative interior design, and management. Its clientele ranges from businesses in sectors including property development, oil and gas and technology.Paramount Coworking looks forward building more connections and communities.

Innovative Developer Award 2023/2024

In the competitive landscape of Malaysia’s real estate sector, JRK Group has distinguished itself as one of the most innovative developers, consistently aligned with its values of offering a change in your life. The JRK Group, led by a visionary Managing Director Dato’ Sri Jerry Kwan Aik Khai, takes pride in its dependability and dedication to keeping commitments, cultivating unflinching enthusiasm for innovation has positioned them at the forefront of the sector, allowing them to reinvent suburban and urban landscapes with progressive projects that suit the demands of contemporary life. 

Central to JRK Group’s success is its relentless pursuit of innovation and propinquity that provides convenience to society. These simple yet thoughtful principles address current market needs and anticipate future trends, solidifying JRK Group’s status as a pioneer in innovative real estate development. 

JRK aims to provide clients with high-quality products and services at inexpensive rates delivered efficiently. The group recognises that real estate development is more than just constructing buildings; it’s about creating vibrant communities to transform the housing industry by developing quality yet affordable homes. 

Looking to the future, JRK Group continues to push the boundaries of innovation in real estate development. Their upcoming projects promise to incorporate sustainable practices, reinforcing their position as a leading developer in Malaysia. With a clear vision and steadfast commitment to innovation, JRK Group is shaping the future of living in Malaysia, creating homes and communities that meet modern society’s evolving needs and aspirations.