Nomination Submission

Form Submission

Fill in the details required in the form provided below. Upon submission, a notification will be sent to the person in charge and will be contacted by our team for further action.
Step 1

Entry Review

Judges will review the sustainability and credibility of the submission. Nominees will be selected based on the criteria set by Des Prix Infinitus Media.
Step 2

Site Visit

Upon selection, judges will take part in a guided site visit where they will further evaluate the said development. This would lead to the judges final decision.
Step 3

Gala Night

step 4

Submit Your Details


Here are the reasons why one should not miss the train to international exposure with the ASEAN Property Developer Awards

Stand out among the best

Starting from Malaysia, and have the opportunity to be presented across ASEAN. The award ecosystem will elevate your brand to greater heights across the ASEAN region.

Valuable networking and media engagement opportunities

As one of the fastest growing award ecosystem in ASEAN, the award will bring together developers and agents through the Gala and Awards night, a great opportunity for business conversations to take place in a light-hearted manner with the hopes of accelerating relationship development for all relevant stakeholders.

Non-partisan and independent Judges

The award stands for fair judgement where we work with independent jurors to shortlist, evaluate and award deserving nominees based on set criteria for each category. This evaluation system leads up to a credible awards event that bestows its awards to only the crème de la crème of the region.